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8/15/2012 View FileAugust Lagniappe
9/15/2012 View FileSeptember Lagniappe
10/15/2012View FileOctober Lagniappe
11/15/2012View FileNovember Lagniappe
12/15/2012View FileDecember Lagniappe
1/15/2013 View FileJanuary Lagniappe
2/15/2013 View FileFebruary Lagniappe
3/15/2013 View FileMarch Lagniappe
4/19/2013 View FileApril Lagniappe
5/15/2013 View FileMay Lagniappe
6/14/2013 View FileJune Lagniappe
7/15/2013 View FileJuly Lagniappe
8/15/2013 View FileAugust Lagniappe
10/15/2013View FileOctober Lagniappe
11/18/2013View FileNovember Lagniappe
1/15/2014 View FileJanuary Lagniappe
2/14/2014 View FileFebruary Lagniappe
3/17/2014 View FileMarch Lagniappe
4/15/2014 View FileApril Lagniappe
5/15/2014 View FileMay Lagniappe
6/13/2014 View FileJune Lagniappe
7/15/2014 View FileJuly Lagniappe
8/15/2014 View FileAugust Lagniappe
9/15/2014 View FileSeptember Lagniappe
10/15/2014View FileOctober Lagniappe
11/15/2014View FileNovember Lagniappe
12/15/2014View FileDecember Lagniappe
2/15/2015 View FileFebruary Lagniappe
3/15/2015 View FileMarch Lagniappe
4/15/2015 View FileApril Lagniappe
5/15/2015 View FileMay Lagniappe
6/15/2015 View FileJune Lagniappe
7/15/2015 View FileJuly Lagniappe
8/15/2015 View FileAugust Lagniappe
9/15/2015 View FileSeptember Lagniappe
10/15/2015View FileOctober Lagniappe
11/16/2015View FileNovember Lagniappe
12/15/2015View FileDecember Lagniappe
1/15/2016 View FileJanuary Lagniappe
2/15/2016 View FileFebruary Lagniappe
3/15/2016 View FileMarch Lagniappe
4/15/2016 View FileApril Lagniappe
5/16/2016 View FileMay Lagniappe
6/15/2016 View FileJune 2016
7/15/2016 View FileJuly 2016
08/15/2016View FileAugust Lagniappe
09/15/2016View FileSeptember Lagniappe
11/15/2016View FileNovember Lagniappe
12/15/2016View FileDecember Lagniappe
2/15/2017 View FileFebruary Lagniappe
3/15/2017 View FileMarch Lagniappe
5/15/2017 View FileMay Lagniappe
7/15/2017 View FileJuly Lagniappe
8/15/2017 View FileAugust Lagniappe
9/15/2017 View FileSeptember Lagniappe
11/15/2017View FileNovember Lagniappe
12/15/2017View FileDecember Lagniappe
1/15/2018 View FileJanuary Lagniappe
2/15/2018 View FileFebruary Lagniappe
4/15/2018 View FileApril Lagniappe



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